Whether you’re just getting into the hobby or a veteran reenactor, we all need a place to begin or refresh our research.

GI Equipment, Weapons, and Culture


90th Infantry Division Preservation Group
Learn how to wear your uniform, de-farb your weapons and equipment, get a proper GI haircut, and read reviews of reproduction gear.

Hardscrabble Farm
Learn about GI training, learn the history WWII uniforms, discover 40’s culture and how it applies to your impression, and print documents for your impression

Men of the Century (100th Infantry Division, Reenacted)
Learn about GI weapons, equipment, and personal items based on this group’s excellent original research. Also includes great articles on reenacting basics like fitting uniforms and making a bedroll.

G.I. History Handbook
Learn about the real tactics and infantry formations GIs’ used during the Second World War.

Reenactor Pro
Find authentic field manuals and training circulars, see original training videos, and learn more about life as a GI in WWII.

WWII Field Manuals

FM 21-100, Soldier’s Handbook

FM 22-5, Infantry Drill Regulations

FM 7-10, Rifle Company, Infantry Regiment

Preferred Reproduction Companies

Note: If you’re new to the hobby, always talk to a veteran reenactor about what they recommend. Sometimes original gear is higher-quality and cheaper than reproduction gear. It is often better to spend more up front on a quality item than having to replace a poorly-made item.

At the Front
High-end reenacting uniforms and equipment.

What Price Glory
Though not all of their WWII GI gear is high-quality and accurate, they have an incredible variety of gear and ship orders fast.

WWII Impressions
Perhaps the most accurate reproducer of uniforms on the market, they are also by far the most expensive.

Authentic GI Glasses
Made by the same company that made them in World War II.

401st Research

Articles written by 401st members:


401st Google Drive
A treasure trove of original documents, books, photographs, and research. You will gain access once you are a trusted unit member.

Glider Rider: The Official C/401st GIR Newsletter
Find articles with original research members for C/401st have done on the 401st’s weapons, equipment, and uniforms throughout the war.


Sky Riders, the History of the 327/401, James L. McDonough, Richard S. Gardner
Fighting with the Screaming Eagles
, Robert Bowen (C/401 GIR)
Glider Infantryman, Donald Rich (G/327 GIR)
No Silent Night, Leo Barron and Don Cygan
Rendezvous with Destiny, Leonard Rapport; Arthur Northwood, Jr

Additional Reading


Company Commander, Charles MacDonald

If You Survive, George Wilson

Roll Me Over: An Infantryman’s World War II, Raymond Gantter


The Best War Ever, Michael Adams

The GI Offensive in Europe, Peter Mansoor

The Liberator: One World War II Soldier’s 500-Day Odyssey from the Beaches of Sicily to the Gates of Dachau, Alex Kershaw

Men Against Fire, SLA Marshall

Overlord and Armageddon, Max Hastings

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