Who We Are

We, the members of C Company, 1st Battalion, 401st Glider Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division (reenacted), here on referred to as the 401st GIR, portray, interpret, and honor the Glidermen who served during the Second World War.

C/401 GIR (Reenacted) Prepare to Storm the Beach in Conneaut, OH. Photo Credit: Matt Milligan

As World War II Living Historians, we conduct primary and secondary research to gain a better understanding of what the men of the 401st experienced, how they felt, and the tactics they used.

We strive to improve our own and each other’s impressions to uphold a high standard of knowledge and authenticity so that we might best educate the public. As reenacting is a hobby, we each contribute what we are physically and fiscally able. We bring and interpret displays. We fight public and tactical battles. We attempt to have accurate impressions without stitch-counting. We are comprised of many ages, backgrounds, interests, and knowledge levels, but we are all dedicated to portraying the men of the 401st GIR the best we can. We focus on providing a level of individual and collective competence in reenacting safely while having a good time.

C/401 GIR (reenacted) in force at Midway Village, Rockford, IL.

What We Do

As a dedicated member of the World War II Historical Reenactment Society (WWIIHRS), the 401st GIR abides by the WWII HRS by-laws and attends many different types of events.

  • Public: The most common event the 401st participates in. One or more units set up a military encampment and interpret the history of the Second World War. The goal is to educate the public. There are often a mixture of demonstrations, displays, “public battles”, and school days. Bring the uniform of the day (UOTD), Class B’s, field gear, any specialized 401st impressions, any artifacts you want to teach the public about, and blanks.
  • Timeline: Similar to a public event, but more focused on a “timeline” of events or eras. Reenactors from different eras will discuss how technology and tactics developed through the ages. Bring the uniform of the day (UOTD), Class B’s, field gear, and any artifacts you want to teach the public about. The 401st may arrive in a variety of uniforms to show how the uniforms changed throughout the war.
  • Tactical: A private event where two forces attempt to seize pre-determined objectives. Be prepared for physical activity. Bring battle gear, extra blanks, and a spare change of clothes if possible. Stay hydrated.
  • Immersion: Similar to a tactical, but more focused on the daily experience of GIs in World War II. Expect to eat rations, dig and sleep in foxholes, and suffer the elements and exhaustion. Bring extra blanks, but you may not always experience a firefight during an immersion event.

The 401st GIR is often involved in other local events and ceremonies, including but not limited to school day presentations, parades, and veteran funerals.

C/401 (Reenacted) Participating in a Veteran Ceremony
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